Incorporation and Commencement of Business

We were incorporated in Malaysia as a public limited company under the Act on 29 September 2004 as an integral part of our Listing Scheme. We are principally involved in investment holding, provision of management services and general trading. Our wholly-owned subsidiary company, SRHB is a provider of NGTS that provides telecommunication system architecture and design, next generation network solution as well as telecommunication related software solutions.

Set out below is our historical milestone as follows:-

In 1995, we started out as one of the pioneers in sub-contracting services involving design, installation, testing and commissioning of cellular networks for Maxis and Motorola. By 1997, we emerged as one of the leading entrants into the system integration of cellular network involving implementation of cellular infrastructure, ancillaries for cellular network, DC power system and microwave mini-links for cellular network (turnkey project). Our Company was further entrusted with the provision of total solution for the development of GSM network for Time Wireless Sdn Bhd. Riding on our technical expertise, we successfully ventured into Ghana with Motorola and South Africa with Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd by securing the GSM system development projects in both countries.

Our Company’s technical expertise and technology solutions were further enhanced with the implementation of total cellular network solution for TM Cellular Sdn Bhd in 2001, in partnership with Motorola. Through the same partnership with Motorola, we acquired CDMA expertise and technology transfer through the provision of CDMA solution to Telekom Malaysia from 2002 to present. We have moved in the right direction, since CDMA technology is the foundation of all 3G systems, which helped us strengthen our position as one of the premier local providers of CDMA and 3G related solutions.

In 2002, as part of our expansion plan to develop complementing solutions, we established our R&D Division for the purpose of developing software applications and NGN solutions for the telecommunications industry. In 2004, we were awarded a contract to implement 3G network for Telekom Malaysia, which we had successfully implemented in 1st quarter of 2005.

In the last ten years, the Silver Ridge group has completed multiple 4G projects and contracts for providing high-speed broadband to tens of thousands of houses around the country. We remain one of the most dependable end-to-end solutions providers in the Malaysian Telecommunication arena. With these new technologies new opportunities have arisen, allowing us to offer more than installing & maintaining data services.

We currently offer a range of SMART solutions to both service providers and local councils that improve the way they engage with the general public; streamlining processes and offering a new way of living that was impossible without the new standard of data services. We are grateful to the Ministry of Education for being able to take part in multiple pilot schemes, bringing new learning techniques and technologies into rural schools using the new generation of data infrastructure. We are excited to see how these 'Connected' projects continue to improve lives in remote areas and look forward to what other possibilities the future will reveal.

Currently, our Group boasts a total staff strength of 90 employees of which 50 are qualified engineers, IT professionals and skilled technical personnels specialising in the area of telecommunication.

Our Group is currently working closely with our technology partners in providing telecommunication solutions as well as telecommunication related software solutions. To date, we have established a long-term relationship with MNCs such as Huawei, Motorola and ADC
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