Current Silver Ridge's Technology Partners, Length of Relationship and Partnership Details

Partner Since Job Description
Huawei 2001 Technology partner for Broadband Solution
Motorola 1995 Technology partner for Cellular (GSM, CDMA)
ADC 1997 Technology partner for Broadband HSDL

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., China

Silver Ridge, together with its technology partner Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd ("Huawei", provides total solutions to network operators in the turnkey implementation and operations of broadband networks in Malaysia . Huawei in China was established in 1988 with a turnover reported at CNY 13.89 billion in 2002. Huawei is basically a total network solutions provider in fixed network (both optical, copper and wireless), cellular network, intelligent network and data networking. Huawei will transfer their knowledge or experience to Silver Ridge through constant trainings.

One of Silver Ridge's current projects together with Huawei is implementation of DSLAM, which covers the central and southern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

In addition, Silver Ridge is working closely with Huawei in the provision of 3G network in Malaysia . Besides the technology transfer from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd to Silver Ridge, both companies jointly also involved in research, design and plan, implement and optimise the 3G solution based on the WCDMA platform.

Motorola Inc, USA

Silver Ridge, together with its technology partner Motorola, provides system integration services to network operators in the turnkey implementation and operations of cellular telecommunication networks based on the Global System for Cellular Communications ("GSM" and Code Division Multiple Access ("CDMA" technologies in Malaysia . On 1 January 2000 , Motorola South Asia Network Solutions Division appointed Silver Ridge as a technology partner in Malaysia.

Motorola is a global provider of wireless, broadband, automotive communications technologies and embedded electronic products. It provides software-enhanced wireless telephone and messaging, two-way radio products and systems, as well as networking and Internet-access products, for consumers, network operators and commercial, Government and industrial customers. Motorola also provides end-to-end systems for the delivery of interactive digital video, voice and high-speed data solutions for broadband operators, and embedded semiconductor solutions for customers in wireless communications, networking and transportation markets. In addition, Motorola offers integrated electronic systems for the automotive, telemetric, industrial, telecommunications, computing and portable energy systems markets. Motorola achieved revenue of USD27.06 billion in FYE 2003 (USD27.28 billion in FYE 2002).

ADC Telecommunication Inc, USA

Silver Ridge, together with ADC, supplies network equipment, software solutions, and integration services for broadband, multi-service networks that deliver data, video, and voice communications over telephone, cable television, Internet, broadcast, wireless, and enterprise networks.

ADC is a leading global supplier of broadband network equipment, software and systems integration services that enable communications service providers to deliver high-speed Internet, data, video and voice services to consumers and businesses worldwide. Telephone companies, cable television operators, Internet and data service providers, wireless service providers and other communications service providers are building and upgrading the broadband network infrastructure required to offer high-speed Internet access as well as data, video, telephony and other interactive multimedia services. Its product offerings and development efforts are focused on increasing the speed and efficiency of the last mile/kilometer portion of broadband communications networks, and ADC's product and service offerings help connect communications service providers' offices to businesses and end users' homes as well as to wireless communications devices.

ADC offers broadband connectivity components and systems, broadband access and network equipment, software and systems integration services to our customers through the following broadband infrastructure and access as well as integrated solutions. Broadband Infrastructure and Access focuses on Internet Protocol (IP)-based offerings for the cable industry, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) offerings for the telecommunications industry, and broadband connectivity products for wireline, cable and wireless communications network applications. These products consist of connectivity system and components as well as access system used by wireline, cable and wireless service providers.

Integrated Solutions focus on operations support system ( OSS ) software and system integration services for broadband, multi-service communications over wireline and wireless networks. Systems integration services are used to design, equip and build communications networks that deliver Internet, data, video and voice services to consumers and businesses. OSS software includes communications billing, customer management, network performance and service-level assurance software used by service providers to operate communications networks. ADC achieved a turnover of USD773 million in FYE 2003 (USD1.05 billion during FYE 2002)

NatureSoft Pvt Ltd, India

Most software companies have developed best practices in the process of development that contributed to increase in software quality and efficiency of coding. Silver Ridge leveraged on this efficiency by engaging NatureSoft to program its software in India . NatureSoft has established an ODC team for Silver Ridge which has 3 software professional to carry out the software programming or coding exclusively for Silver Ridge. This ODC team will expand as the amount of programming job increases. Upon maturity of the team in terms of adoption of best practices, Silver Ridge will take over the ODC under its management to establish a team of professionals specialising in programming and coding This is a build, operate and transfer practice for software development.

Silver Ridge has signed a partnership agreement with NatureSoft on 14 May 2004 whereby NatureSoft would provide ODC for the Company to meet all software development requirements to develop the Phase 1 deployment and all future development of the Card Guard Product suite and other products and services as required by Silver Ridge.

Silver Ridge would utilise the services of the ODC to develop products and application in the following areas:
  • Banking and credit card industry such as Card Guard
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Telecommunication solutions such as 3G, VoIP, SMS based applications
  • Broadband applications, Video Conference Solutions
  • E-governance and Civil Society Convergent solution
  • Rural telecommunication penetration and Value-Added Applications
  • E-Commerce and M-Commerce solutions and applications
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