TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS - Base Station Subsystems Solutions (BSS)
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By capitalising on our Group’s expertise in cellular telecommunication and wireless technology, our Group also provides total solutions such as design, planning, integration and turnkey of BSS Solutions and associated subsystems to improve the parameters of signal strength, quality and stability for in-building.

Set out below is the scope of work that our Group has undertaken for BSS Solutions:-

  • Antenna system
  • Temperature control system
  • Security and monitoring system
  • Cable racking infrastructure
  • Ancillaries for BSS equipment
  • Cellular switch centre and core network
We design antenna system and ancillary DC to support the network design parameters. Our Group sources and specifies the equipment and materials to be used from local or imported suppliers, including cables, connectors, metal hardware and lightning arrestors, amongst others.

Telecommunication systems are tested to determine and ensure inter-operability between all subsystems connecting the BSS to the antenna and power system. Thereafter, we conduct final testing on the completed system against customers’ KPIs and offers RF optimisation services to ensure KPIs are achieved. We understand the functional requirements and KPIs of our customers and then we design and specifies the system and technical requirements. We also specify and source the principal system, DC power sub-system, ancillaries and inter-operability requirements. Our Group then installs and converge all the sub-systems.

After this process, we tests the performance of the entire system to ensure that the functional requirements and KPIs are achieved. This is followed by optimisation services to fine-tune performance of the systems. Our Group also designs, specifies and sources network management components to facilitate performance monitoring, trouble-shooting as well as operation and maintenance requirements. Set out below are our Group’s completed/on-going telecommunication architectural projects:-

Project Client Completion status
Provision of skilled technical resources for the completion of GSM-EDGE system for Digi.Com Berhad under Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Open Contract) Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd 2003 - ongoing
Design and supply ancillaries, antenna system for CDMA Project for Telekom Malaysia Motorola for Telekom Malaysia 2002- ongoing
Provision of total engineering solution for the development of GSM 1800 system for TM Cellular Motorola 2001 - ongoing
Provision of total engineering solution for the development of GSM System in South Africa for Vodacom, including environment control, power systems and ancillaries design Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd 2001
Provision of engineering solutions for the development of BSS sites Celcom 2000 - ongoing
Provision of total engineering solution for the development of GSM System in Ghana for Motorola, including environment control, power systems and ancillaries design Ghana Telecom 1999 - 2001
Provision of total solution for the development of a GSM 1800 network, including the architectural design and customisation of local ancillaries and power systems Motorola and Time Wireless Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sapura Digital Sdn Bhd) 1996 -1998
Provision of total solution for the BSS system for GSM 900 for Maxis via Motorola Motorola 1995- ongoing

Outsourced Services
Other telecommunication related services provided by our Group are outsourced operation and maintenance services as well as provision of consultancy services. As the provision of maintenance and consultancy services involves both technical capabilities and intensive overhead costs, most enterprises nowadays tend to outsource these non-core activities to 3rd parties in view of cost efficiency. In this respect, we are able to offer our clients the relevant resources and technical know-how in the provision of maintenance services and skilled resources for both Telco and ICT sector.
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