Silver Ridge understand the changing understanding of our planet's ecosystem and the additional strain brought about by the convinience of modern living. We seek to offset these effects by deploying innovative new solutions that reduce the impact to our environment; products and services which can solve an immediate problem without passing a burden on to generations yet to come.

Bio Mass Incinerator

Silver Ridge has partnered with GAIA Institute of Environmental Technology Inc. to supply innovative biomass incinerators manufactured in Japan. The incinerator technology operates at lower temperatures than locally produced machines, but at much higher pressure. The resulting product of the incineration process can then be used as a new fuel source, while any particle byproducts are filtered until harmless. The incinerator machines adhere to strict Japanese safety standards and can be considered highly environmental compared to conventional ash-producing incinerators as a result.
The incineration machines manufacture high-quality charcoal that can be used in various situations, produced by burning organic waste material at comparitively low operational cost. The charcoal is also of a highter grade than "kun charcoal" produced by conventional carbonisation furnaces. Our machines utilise a reduction-steralisation carbonisation process and reducted-steralisation deodorising process unique to these machines, based on years of research & development in Japan.
Other features include the ability to achieve high-purity carbon fixation while maintaining the natural structure of the materials. The machines can continuously manufacture these carbides in an oxygen-free atmosphere. Even high water content organic materials can be processed, thanks to the incinerator's ability to completely neutralise harmful gases, dioxins and other particles. Waste heat energy and secondary combustion energy are captured and utilised by the machine to increase combustion efficiency and offset operation costs.
The mounting cost of disposing of household waste materials is being borne by both municipal councils, in terms of management operations, and the environment as dumping sites continue to grow without much regard for how waste materials are processed. We believe a solution such as this will bring great benefits to both.

Hydrogren Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is a device that generates electricity through an electrochemical reaction, not combustion. In a fuel cell, hydrogen and oxygen are combined to generate electricity, heat, and water. Fuel cells are used today in a range of applications, from providing power to homes and businesses, keeping critical facilities like hospitals, grocery stores, and data centers up and running, and moving a variety of vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, trains, and more.
Silver Ridge believe that these fuel cells represent an important breakthough in reducing waste both in our environment and atmosphere. The systems produce a clean, reliable and quiet source of power, empowering other green technology power sources and further offset the nation's carbon footprint.

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