Our Group’s R&D efforts are focused on bringing together our extensive experience in telecommunication and knowledge of the operator and enterprise segments, to create unique solutions that improves customers’ business. Our Group’s R&D objectives are as follows:-

Enhancing Product Features
In order to compete in a continuously evolving technology industry, our Group employs R&D and market intelligence to maintain our competitiveness and position in the market. All of our Group’s products are developed with the future in mind. At any given time our Group maintains a 3-year view of the evolution of the product based on market and industry requirements.

Technology and Process Improvement
Our Group’s software solutions are based on open sourced tools (e.g. Linux base) in order to maximise benefits from any technology improvements in the industry. With our Group’s domain knowledge in telecommunication, we are able to modify our solutions to support these new technologies (GPRS and 3G) while maintaining backward compatibility.

The Telecommunication Carrier Division also benefits from interaction with our foreign partners to learn the latest industry process and technology improvements. These are then incorporated into our Division’s best practices to ensure sustained innovation and leadership.

During the design phase of our Group’s solutions, our Group identifies requirements from the industry based on a market/competitive analysis that would ensure differentiation. This design and associated functionality is then tested on a group of customers for their feedback thus ensuring that our Group’s solutions match market requirements.

New Product Development
Our Group invests significant time in looking out for changing trends in the communication marketplace. This enables our Group to identify opportunities ahead of time that are commercially feasible. An example of this would be our intent to develop location based human safety solutions for 3G systems.

Business Viability
All our Group’s technology and R&D efforts are business focused which ensures that these products or solutions can be commercialised in order to yield long term profitability for our Group. At every stage of development our Group will try to solicit feedback from our Group’s customers and partners.

Based on the above R&D objectives, our Group has established the following R&D policies which serves as guidelines during implementation:-

Management Policy
Our Group is committed to appropriately manage and be accountable for the funding received. Our R&D General Manager is to report to our management on all matters, including records of all R&D activities. Business viability of each planned product/solution is carefully studied and presented for our Board’s approval before funding is utilised.

Intellectual Property Policy
An intellectual property rights and confidentiality clause is included in our Group’s employees’ handbook. These clauses disallow employees or ex-employees from divulging any of our Group’s information to 3rd parties. Details of these clauses are set out as follows:-

  1. Intellectual Property Rights Clause
    All systems designed, developed and implemented by our Company are intellectual property of our Company.

  2. Confidentiality Clause
    Our Company is the sole legal and beneficial owner of confidential information relating to the system and of the intellectual property rights therein and all other rights of the like nature conferred under the law of Malaysia and throughout the world. These shall include without limitation data, know-how, formulae, processes, designs, photographs drawings, specifications, software programmes, samples and any other material bearing or incorporating any information relating to the system.

    Furthermore, our Group uses in-house source codes control software to manage all solutions/components that we develop. The system is protected by our system security and is housed in-house. Weekly backups are performed and copies of the backups are kept in the office and off-site.

    In addition, all technology staff are required to check-out the relevant components/modules when performing development work. A business solution is made up of multiple programmes. Staff are only allowed to check-out a fraction of the entire solution, which means that they check-out only a few relevant programmes for modification. Not all programmes are checked out. They are required to check-in after they have completed the work assignment.
Product Development Policy

Policy Description
Product simplicity and user-friendliness All products must be flexible thus giving customers’ option to choose a variety of modules based on an open platform for easy installation and implementation
Product scalability All products are designed to be scaleable, expandable and upgradeable based on end users’ requirements
Product maintainability All products are designed to be easily maintained with the objective towards reducing total cost of ownership
Product uniqueness All products must be unique in its design, functionalities and features in order to differentiate from the competitors

Product Quality Policy
Our Group’s quality strategy will be implemented at all levels of management. Performance, quality and benefits arising will be carefully recorded. All products use quality hardware and standard software design.

Status of R&D
The R&D team is currently working to complete the development of Card Guard, PLS, EiQ and is currently working on completing development of Location Based Fleet Management Application by 3rd quarter of 2006.

Achievements in R&D
Some of the R&D achievements of our Group in the past are as follows:-

Name of Products Brief Description Completion Time
PLS Architectural design of power system to optimise the performance of telecommunication network 6 months
EiQ RF planning to improve quality and coverage for cellular telecommunication operators within buildings 24 months
Card Guard A solution designed to mitigate bank card-based fraud using SMS 18 months

Future Plans and Timeline for Implementation
The area of our future R&D consists of:-

Name of Products Brief description Estimated delivery Time
Location Based Fleet Management Application A web based flexible system designed to track the location and performance of vehicles in the initial release 3rd quarter of 2006
Tele-X-Change A telematics system that enables remote wireless field monitoring and data collection, together wih a decision support system that analyses these data. Applications in several industries 2008

Our Company expects to increase our R&D staff force from 5 staff in the FYE 2005 to 22 staff by the FYE 2009. Our Group will employ stringent selection criteria for our R&D staff recruitment in order to ensure high creativity and productivity.

Keeping Abreast with New Technologies
Our Group has allocated funds for our R&D team to attend product launches, workshops with vendor partners, international seminars and exhibitions, purchase of new development tools and other R&D related activities. In addition, our R&D team is encouraged to be involved in newsgroups within the ICT industry to keep abreast with new developments and participate in brainstorming sessions within the organisation. Our Group’s alliances with our technology partners (e.g. Huawei, Motorola, ADC and NatureSoft) allow our R&D team to acquire knowledge and gain technical expertise.

Closer Alignment with Customers and the Market Place
This is done by effective communication between our R&D team and end users through a process of sequential recycling which involves taking feedback from customers at every stage of product development.

Our Group’s R&D milestones are as follows:-

Year Event
1999 Developed and productisation of PLS solutions for power design application
2002 Developed and productised EiQ for in-building application
2003 Released simulated version of Card Guard application for reducing transactional fraud
2004 Created overall functional roadmap for Tele-X-Change, sensor based tele-monitoring solution
Created overall architecture for AGPS based location safety application
Commercial release of Card Guard software version 1.0
2005 Completed functional/technical specifications and initiated software development of LBS
2006 User interface completed for Server and Client Screens for LBS
Beta release of LBS software
Commercial release of LBS - Vehicle Tracking software version 1.0
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