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Software Solutions Division
The Software Solutions Division’s underlying principle is to create applications that contribute to our customers’ success and complements our Telecommunication Carrier Division. The following technologies are used in our Group’s software solutions:-

Technology Description Usage
SMS over Cellular Networks such as GSM/ CDMA Similar to paging, SMS is a service for sending short text messages to cellular phones Card Guard and other SMS delivery solutions
WCDMA Wideband CDMA - an ITU standard derived from CDMA, is officially known as IMT-2000 direct spread. WCDMA is a 3G mobile wireless technology that promises much higher data speeds to mobile and portable wireless devices than commonly offered in today's market. It can support mobile/portable voice, images, data and video communications at up to 2 Mbps (local area access) or 384 Kbps (wide area access). The input signals are digitised and transmitted in coded, spread-spectrum mode over a broad range of frequencies. a 5 MHz-wide carrier is used, compared with 200 KHz-wide carriers for narrowband CDMA. 3G
CDMA 2000 A digital cellular technology that uses spread-spectrum techniques. Unlike competing systems, such as GSM, CDMA does not assign a specific frequency to each user. Instead, every channel uses the full available spectrum. BSS Solution
GPRS General Packet Radio Services or 2.5G is a radio technology for GSM networks that adds packet-switching protocols, shorter set-up time for ISP connections and offer the possibility to charge by amount of data sent rather than connect time. GPRS promises to support flexible data transmission rates typically up to 20 or 30 Kbps (with a theoretical maximum of 171.2 Kbps), as well as continuous connection to the network. BSS Solution
CDMA Code-Division Multiple Access is a digital wireless technology. It is a general type of technology, implemented in many specific technologies. The term "CDMA" is also commonly used to refer to 1 specific implementation: IS-95 - a mobile-phone technology that competes with technologies such as GSM.  
Enterprise Switching expertise PABX A wide variety of carrier group types are used to transmit data corresponding to end-to-end telephone connections. These carrier groups are attached to various hardware units on a set of processors, which are responsible for routing telephone calls Value-Added Billing Solution and Golden Gateway
Operator/Carrier Billing Systems functioning A system to aid large corporations in consolidating their bills Value-Added Billing Solution
AGPS on cellular chipset A system that improves the functionality and performance of GPS by integrating the classic GPS information with sophisticated geographic software and cellular network information. With AGPS, a server system is integrated in a platform. That server sends assisting information to the cellular phone about the satellites it should look for. Since the server platform already knows where the phone is, the number of steps to calculate the position is reduced from 10 steps to 3. This speeds up the whole process significantly. It also reduces the power consumption and the combined solution makes it possible to get a position in areas impossible for classic GPS LBS
Linux as operating system A freely-distributable open source operating system that runs on a number of hardware platforms Card Guard
Practical Extraction and Repost Language Programming, Mini Structured Query Language, Apache Practical Extraction and Repost Language Programming is a programming language especially designed for processing text

Mini Structured Query Language is a lightweight database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data with low memory requirements. Apache is a public-domain open source web server
Card Guard
Java Front end Java is a general purpose programming language with a number of features that make in a language well suited for use on the World Wide Web Communication products (all value-added services)
Windows Operating System A family of operating system for personal computers. Windows provides a graphical user interface, virtual memory management, multitasking and support for many peripheral devices Value-Added Billing Solution
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