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Tele-X-Change is a telemetry solution that incorporates various kinds of sensors that enhances the functionality of wireless communication system for the purpose of environmental control and intelligent management of remote locations. These sensors collect and transmit data to data warehouses for the purpose of performing business intelligence or data mining. This allows data aggregation, analysis and action on such data. Examples of applications for this system are intelligent environment monitoring systems and informatics.

Informatics is a technology where sensors are embedded in a remote location and are used to periodically collect information such as temperature, salinity and wind speed.

Examples of the industries that could employ these services are as follows:-
  1. Agricultural/Fisheries Industry
    The primary usage of Tele-X-Change based solution is that they could closely monitor and control the various aspects of the growth of high yield crops in order to improve the quality and consistency of output. A specific example of this is that if wine producers are able to monitor realtime the impact of various environmental factors such as humidity, frost, sunshine, soil conditions and man-made factors such as fertilizer and moisture, then the decisions based on those to ensure better and more consistent wine quality.

  2. Environmental Monitoring
    The utility here is again the wireless remote collection of data from a geographically spread-out set of sensors in real time, so that quick and informed decisions can be taken. This is mainly used for as a flood/tsunami warning systems and monitoring forestry and air pollution. The strength of our solution is the robustness of the overall architecture of the communications and decision-making system.
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